Earthquake Early Warning system

SeismoCloud is a warning system for earthquakes (Earthquake Early Warning – EEW) based on a low cost sismometers’ network. Our aim is to advise residents in the areas involved by earthquake within a few seconds from its occurence to the epicenter, so, in many cases, before the earthquake reaches them.

The Network

SeismoCloud is made by smartphones and IoT sensors. Installing the app is easy: just download it from Google Play store or Apple Store!

What's an Early Warning system?

An Early Warning system is a set of tools, technologies and stakeholders which build a chain capable of sending real-time warnings about unpredictables events, such as earthquakes.

My Seismometer

Do you want to see and manage your devices from the PC? Click here to login in your personal dashboard.


Schools and user groups can access advanced group functions, such as comparative statistics and rankings. Find out more on the dedicated page.

Real time map

Are you curious about how many devices we have? Here you can find a map updated in real-time!

Do you want to take part in this experiment?

The world needs thousand seismometers to guarantee reliability. You can contribute by installing our app (so your phone becomes a seismometer when you are not using it) and/or by build and place IoT sensors.

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