Dropping support for Intel Galileo and Arduino Uno

Dropping support for Intel Galileo and Arduino Uno

Although SeismoCloud team was excited to start with the Intel board named Galileo (we had several items, both generation 1 and 2), unfortunately we are forced to abandon the support for this platform because of Intel already dropped the maintenance last year. Since there will be no more updates from Intel, we have decided to close the development on Galileo and focus on the NodeMCU and Raspberry PI, which have been very successful.

We are also forced to abandon the famous Arduino/Genuino platform (at least in its classic version Uno): in some next update of SeismoCloud network it will be necessary to use SSL/TLS protected connections (which the phones already do), and the classic board Uno does not have sufficient computing power. It is a pity! However, we are convinced that we need to think to security first.

Bye! 🙂

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